A short intro into why

I am doing this

Holder of international certificates:

CAE (Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English)

Goethe-Zertifikat B2

Graduate of VOŠ Kotlářská:

Obor Ekonomicko-právní činnost, udělen titul DiS. (diplomovaný specialista)


Akademy Sting, obor Taxation

University of Ostrava, German for Professional and Vocational Communication

I am your guide in the world of languages

During my five year-long language teaching experience, I had the opportunity to work with people of various professions, varying from workers working abroad to managers. Each of them excelled at something different and needed more help elsewhere. I teach "one-on-one" mainly to be able to address these individual differences, which group teaching cannot take into account.

I've always enjoyed learning languages. I got into the career of a private tutor by accident. I took a post-secondary German group course, I speak from experience. I helped less capable colleagues on the course. The teacher noticed this and suggested this career to me. I have work experience in a corporate sphere, but prefer freedom. In my classes, I take into account the exhaustion of my students and appreciate their courage and effort to learn a new language.

Why am I a guide and not a teacher?

I assume that one should come to understand the language as such when learning a foreign language. When you can do it, you don't have to think about the word order and "sweat" every word. It goes almost effortlessly, naturally. I am not in favor of biffing or "teaching by conversing". I have developed my own method, that proves to be very effective over and over again. I have developed it because I believe in its effectiveness, not as a marketing strategy. I try to involve students as much as possible, so that with my help they can try to figure out how it works on their own and come to understand the grammar better. At the beginning of the collaboration, I will arrange a non-binding meeting with prospective students so that we can get to know each other at least a little. I'm creating a friendly environment in which it's okay to make a mistake. Writing in detail about how I teach would make for a novel, and you definitely don't want to read that.

Are you interested in my method?