1 General information

I inform you about the Principles of processing your personal data, which you provide me with in connection with the offer, negotiation, providing, and use of my services. This Privacy Policy is effective as of July 1, 2020, and describes how I collect, store, and handle your information. Furthermore informs you, for what purposes I use personal data while providing my services, during your visit to my website, in dealings with potential customers or partners, in teaching and for what purposes and for how long I process your data and what is my legal reason for doing so. It includes information on the possibilities of providing your information further and what are your rights in the area of ​​personal data protection. I process all information in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data) in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as in accordance with the Civil Code of the Czech Republic and other related legal regulations.

When processing your personal data, I honour and respect the standards of personal data protection and in particular the following principles:

1) I process personal data for a clearly and comprehensibly determined purpose, by specified means, in a specified manner, and only for the time necessary for the purposes of their processing, I process only accurate personal data of customers necessary to fulfil these purposes,

2) I protect and process personal data in a way that ensures the highest possible security of such data and which prevents any unauthorized or accidental access to customers' personal data, their alteration, destruction or loss, unauthorized transfers and processing, as well as other ways of misuse,

3) I always provide clear information on the processing of personal data and on claims for accurate and complete information, on the circumstances of such processing and on other related rights,

4) I comply with appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the various risks.

2 What personal data I process

1) Identification data that are necessary to provide my services, to conclude and perform the contract, for partnership cooperation. These information are: academic degree, name, surname, business name, ID number, VAT number, legal form, permanent or temporary address of residence, registered office or place of business, billing address, identification and contact details of the customer, billing payer identification details, bank details, signature, method of payment. I process this information for the registration and organization of teaching and for the purpose of communication with you.

2) Contact details that are necessary for mutual communication, offer specifications, changes related to teaching, cancellation of teaching, etc. These are: telephone number, email address, address of social networks and address of online providers of video and audio communication.

3) Data on provided services. These are: specification, volume, conditions and price of provided services.

4) Data on your behaviour on my website obtained through cookies stored in your web browser. These are the displayed pages, links, clicks, movement on my website, including how the screen is scrolled, and also information about the device from which the website is viewed, such as IP address, derived location, device identification and device information, its technical parameters (operating system, version, screen resolution, browser).

5) Data on behaviour when reading email messages. These are: the time the message was opened, information about the device on which the message is viewed, IP address, clicks on links in the sent message, message settings.

3 Purposes of processing, legal reasons and length of data retention

I process clients' personal data only for the time strictly necessary in regard to the purposes of their processing. I am constantly assessing whether there is a need to process certain personal data for a specific purpose. I shred data if it is no longer needed for any of the purposes. The usual useful life of personal data, during which I assess the need for their processing, I generally set at 10 years. I process personal data for the purposes of fulfilling the contract for the duration of the contractual relationship with the customer, offering products and services for the duration of the contractual relationship and for customer care for the duration of the contractual relationship with the customer.

I process personal data for various purposes and for the following legal reasons:

1) without your consent - on the basis of the performance of the contract and the provision of the service, a legitimate interest or due to the fulfilment of legal obligations

2) on the basis of your consent, when you voluntarily agree to the processing of personal data provided or otherwise obtained by you (customer care, offering products and services).

3.1 Ordering services or works

3.1.1 Performance of the contract and provision of the contract

I process your personal data in order to process your order and provide services, so that I can ensure the provision of services, payment, implementation of the work. The period of processing personal data in this case is determined for the period of performance of the contract or provision of services and another 10 years after the termination of performance.

3.1.2 Legitimate interest

I process your personal data for the purpose of recording payments, arrears, protection of legal claims, obtaining information leading to the improvement of my services, providing tailor-made offers and targeted advertising, which I can tell you over the phone, send via email or other electronic devices and methods. The period of processing personal data is limited to 3 years and one year after its expiration with regard to claims asserted at the end of the limitation period. In case of a judicial, administrative or other order, also for the entire duration of such proceedings and the remainder of the limitation period after its termination. In other cases, processing takes place for the duration of the contract or the provision of services and 10 years after the termination of the provision of services.

3.1.3 Fulfillment of legal and notification obligations

I process your personal data for the purpose of fulfilling notification obligations towards public authorities, fulfilling the obligation to identify and control the client according to the Act on Certain Measures against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and Terrorist Financing. Furthermore, in order to protect the rights and legally protected interests, in particular to resolve any disputed agenda and for the purpose of conducting any legal or other disputes. Also for the purpose of fulfilling the archiving obligation and due to compliance with the following acts: Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, Act No. 563/1991 Coll., On Accounting, Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection. In these cases, the period of processing personal information is set at 10 years from the conclusion of the contract.

3.2 Interest in my products or services

If you have contacted me to request my services through one of the communication channels such as email, telephone, website, social networks or other electronic tools, I process the personal data you have provided to me on the basis of a legitimate interest for the purpose of supply processing and calculation and settlement of demand. The processing time of personal data is set at 10 years from the last contact.

4 Who processes your personal data and to whom I pass it on

I process the obtained personal data in the role of administrator, ie I determine the means of processing, I am responsible for their proper execution and I determine the purposes for which I collect your personal data. The administrator of your personal data is Zdeněk Bednařík, with its registered office at Josefská 15, 602 00, Brno, IČ: 08596671, not registered in the Commercial Register. I process your personal data myself to the extent that is necessary in each case and in compliance with all security measures.

With your consent, on the basis of which I am authorized to handle personal data to the appropriate extent, this information may be passed on to entities to comply with my legal obligation, conclude and fulfill the contract, offer products and services, protect rights and my legally protected interests and customer service. In accordance with the relevant legal regulations, I am entitled or directly, without your consent, obliged to pass on your personal data to the relevant state administration bodies, courts and law enforcement authorities for the purpose of fulfilling their duties and for the purpose of enforcing decisions, for contract purposes and to other persons to the extent permitted by law, such as to third parties for the purpose of recovering my claims.

I also pass on your personal data to processors who process it in accordance with my instructions and regulations:

-providers of hosting and IT services,

-providers of tax and accounting software,

-operators of marketing tools that help me with website optimization and personalization of content and offers for you,

-providers of email marketing tools for mass mailing of emails.

Your personal data is processed in the Czech Republic and other European Union countries and beyond, where entities such as my suppliers, processors and partners are located and share the same standards of personal data protection as the Czech Republic or members of the European Economic Area.

5 Your rights and how to exercise them

In the previous chapters, I have explained why I collect your personal data and how I handle it and that for some purposes I may only process it with your consent. You are not obliged to give me consent to the processing of your personal data and at the same time you are entitled to revoke this consent. I am also entitled to process some data for certain purposes without your consent. In such a case, if you revoke your consent, I will terminate the processing of the relevant personal data for purposes requiring the relevant consent, but I may be entitled or obliged to process this personal data for other purposes.

When processing your personal data, you can exercise the following rights as a data subject:

5.1 Right of access

Pursuant to Article 15 of the GDPR, you have the right to access the information I process about you, for what purpose, for how long, where I collect your personal data, to whom I transfer it and what other rights you have. As part of the right of access, you can ask me to confirm the processing of personal data or to make a copy of the processed personal data.

5.2 Right of rectification

If you find that your personal data that I process is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to correct it under Article 16 of the GDPR. I will deal with your request without undue delay.

5.3 Right of deletion

In the cases referred to in Article 17 of the GDPR, you have the right to delete your personal data that I process. If the exercise of this right is not relevant or impracticable or I process your personal data for another legal reason, I will not be able to comply with your request.

5.4 The right to work restrictions

Under Article 18 of the GDPR, you have the right to limited processing, for a limited time, in certain cases, in particular if you deny the accuracy of your personal data, object to the processing of your personal data or refuse to delete it for the protection of your legal rights or do not agree to its deletion. and you require restrictions on the processing of your personal data instead.

5.5 Right of portability

According to Article 20 GDPR you have the right to obtain from me all of your personal information that you give to me on your own and that I process based on your consent and under our existing contract. I will provide your personal data in a structured, commonly used format. In order to be able to easily transfer data at your request, it can only relato to data that I process automatically in my electronic databases.

5.6 The right to object to the processing

You have the richt to object to processing of personal data, which occurs on the basis of my legitimate interest you have, in accordance with Article 21 GPDR. If I do not prove that there is a serious legitimate reason for processing that outweighs my interests or rights and freedoms, I will terminate the processing of your personal data without undue delay.

5.7 Right to file a complaint

Excessising of rights in the above mentioned manner does not affect your right to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. You can exercise this right in particular if you believe that I am processing your personal data unauthorizedly or in violation of generally binding legal regulations. You can file a complaint against the processing of personal data performed by me with the Office for Personal Data Protection with its registered office at Lt. Col. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7.

If you do not give or withdraw your consent, I can:

(a) accordingly adjust the availability, scope or conditions of my products or services; or

b) refuse to provide you with my services and products if I find that such consent is necessary to provide the product or service under the given conditions.

If you ask me for information regarding the processing of your personal data, I will provide you without undue delay with all the information about what data I process about you. For providing such information, I have the right to demand reasonable reimbursement of the costs incurred in providing the information. If you find or believe that I, or a third party involved in the processing of data, am processing your personal data, which is contrary to the protection of your private life or in violation of the law, especially if your personal data is inaccurate, you can:

1) request an explanation from me or a third party involved in the processing of the data,

2) request that the faulty condition be removed, in particular you can request that a correction or addition of personal data be made. If necessary, this data will be temporarily blocked or destroyed. If I find your request to be justified, I or a third party involved in the processing of the data will immediately and free of charge remove the defective condition.

If you wish to revoke your consent to the processing of personal data, please contact me in writing at my email address I will be happy to answer any questions you may have at the same address.