Tax records keeping

A natural persons doing business, who have not become an accounting entity, can meet the legal requirements just by keeping tax records, unless their turnover did not exceed 25 million crowns in the last calendar year and they are not a participant in any association and are not registered in the Commercial Register. In the event of a breach of even one condition, the entity is required to keep accounts. In particular, we are talking about self-employed persons who apply the amount of expenses according to the actual expenses incurred to achieve, secure and maintain business income. In case of application of flat-rate costs, it is not necessary to keep tax records or keep accounts, the total income is used to calculate the tax duty.

The method and scope are determined by Act No. 586/1992 Coll., The Income Tax Act.

Keeping tax records is less demanding than keeping accounts. So it is less expensive, which will surely make you happy.

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